Dear Guests

Welcome to Obsage Family Lodge! 

We specialise in taking care of international students and visitors by offering you secure, central and affordable accommodations in Cape Town.

We understand it can be both exciting and uncertain for you to visit Cape Town for the first time.

We are looking forward to offering you 
peace of mind 
of you knowing that your well-being will be well taken care of during your visit to 
our beautiful city of Cape Town.

Furthermore, we have free unlimited internet access at the lodge premise for you to keep 24 hours connected
with your friends and family, and
more importantly for them to know that you are 100% safe and enjoying your stay in Cape Town.
You can definitely trust us to take good care of you.

Kind regards

+27 (0)73 518 6439 (cell number)  (email & Skype account)


You can choose the following fully furnished rooms:

  • Boutique single room (for a single person)
  • Deluxe twin room (for two people)
  • Exclusive en suite flat (for three people)

1. For stays greater than 6 months, the monthly rentals are:

  • Single room: R5200 per person
  • Twin room: R4200 per person or R8400 for two
  • Exclusive en suite flat: R13200 for one person, or R6700 per person for two people sharing, or R4500 per person for three people sharing

2. For stays between 3 and 6 months, the monthly rates are:

  • Single room: varies from R5500 to R6100* per person  
  • Twin room: varies R4500 to R5100* per person
  • Exclusive en suite flat: starting from R13500* for one person, or from R7000* per person for two people sharing, or from R4800* per person for three people sharing

(* depends on the actual months of stay)

3. For stays between 1 and 3 months, the monthly rates are:

  • Single room: varies from R6100 to R6700* per person
  • Twin room: varies R5100 to R5700* per person
  • Exclusive en suite flat: starting from R14100* for one person, or from R7600* per person for two people sharing, or from R5400* per person for three people sharing

(* depends on the actual months of stay)

4. For stays less than 1 month, the daily rates are:

  • Single room: R470 per person 
  • Twin room: R360 per person or R720 for two
  • Exclusive en suite flat: starting from R1050* for one person, or from R530* per person for two people sharing, or from R360* per person for three people sharing 

(Note: The above rates for the rooms may change from time to time without being updated immediately on this website. We add 15% extra on top of the normal rates as shown above during the festive period from December to January The latest rates are updated in our booking procedure when you enquire about your accommodation by emailing us at

The rental includes:

1. Free unlimited access to Wi-Fi and internet.

2. Fully furnished bed rooms with cupboards, side tables and lamps.

3. Fully furnished kitchen with oven, microwave, refrigerator, plates and dishes and cutleries.

4. Very secure complex with electric fencing and security alarm system.

5. Electricity and water usage per month included up to a maximum amount per person (please see the actual contract for more details).

7. Basic soap and toilet paper included.

8. House cleaning once per week.

9. Security company service included.

Why choose Obsage Lodge:

1. We have been around since 2011 and we continue live up to our promises of providing safe, central and affordable accommodations to our international visitors to Cape Town.

2. We are closely situated to the University of Cape Town (UCT), UCT Medical School, the UCT Jammie Shuttle bus stops and other public transportations providing convenient transportation to and from UCT/other places in Cape Town. This saves time and money for our international students and visitors.

3. We are also closely located to where our guests stay. They will always know that we are close by and where to find us in case of emergencies.

4. We take good care of our guests, live up to our promises and give them the peace of mind during their stays in the beautiful city of Cape Town!

We can also assist you with:

1. Exciting and amazing Cape Town tours

2. Reliable transportation and car rentals 

3. Airport transportation (please let us know in advance if you need us to arrange a transportation for you from the airport to your accommodation).


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